Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Great American Sports Photography

Some of you may already know but probably most of you do not know, but I have created a sport and event photography company;

As an avid recreational player and spectator, the creator of Great American Sports Photography understands team spirit and memories whether they are made on the field or on a race track. As a company we understand the importance of capturing these moments, and our employees are dedicated to making these memories last for a lifetime.

With our innovative on-site photo processing lab, parents and players can take home the memories the same day they are made. G.A.S.P. strives to capture the essence of every hit, run, play, laugh, pass and finish, from the players to the spectators. G.A.S.P. accomplishes this goal with our dedicated professional staff of photographers and sales representatives.

Our full-circle process begins with our photographers who are placed out on the field in the middle of the action, sending the action back to our photo-processing lab, where our sorters and printers prepare the images. Moments after the images are prepared, parents and players can view the action on one of the viewing stations assisted by a sales representative who is dedicated to finding the best way to preserve the day's achievements.

Our innovative on-site photo processing lab is housed in a 16 foot enclosed cargo trailer. Players, riders, parents and spectators are welcomed to the trailer by four large viewing stations. As you walk up to the viewing stations you are greeted by a sales representative that will be available to help answer any questions that you may have and help you get started in viewing your images. Once you have found your images you can look through the images at your own pace because you are in control of the viewing station. Once you have in mind the images that you would like, a sales representative is standing nearby to help complete your order. G.A.S.P. offers a variety of products to choose from standard prints to specialty items such as; playing cards, wall clings, blankets, magnets, calendars, etc. Standard print orders are printed on site and are available for pick up typically within 30 minutes of order.

G.A.S.P. shoots a variety of events from softball, baseball, soccer and football to motocross, jeep rallies and much more, include team and individual pictures for leagues. If you or someone you know would be interested in our services please feel free to contact Jacob Adkisson by e-mail at gaspphotography@gmail.com or cell phone at 903-738-8593.

We are dedicated to preserving life time memories.

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Nick said...

Hehe, I helped write some of this. Woot woot!!