Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of School

Well its that time of year. I started classes on Monday, as just about everyone else did as well, and so far so good. I only was able to meet two of the professors because the other two were out of town. The biggest thing that I am going to have to get used to is sitting in a lecture room of 350 other people! That is mind boggling. I think I am going to enjoy my English professor as he used to be in the newspaper industry. He did his introduction and talked about the class and "Shitty First Drafts" also called SFD's that will be writing a lot of! Another thing I like about him is that we never actually turn in a hard copy of paper, everything is done by email! I really like that, but some of the other students didn't and they voiced their opinion on the matter and he simply replied "that's a legitimate bitch." So I think I am going to enjoy this guy! Well that's it, been working on home work and doing assignments for the newspaper.

Enough for now,

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Issue of The Shorthorn

Well, I have began work as a photographer for The Shorthorn. I had my first assignment on Monday, which was published in The Back to School Issue of the Shorthorn. Everyone can check out each issue of The Shorthorn at www.theshorthorn.com. When you get to the website, on the top is different pages you will want to go to extras and down to PDF's and Current Semester. Just look for the current issue and check it out. I am really looking forward to working on the paper. I have been in training since Monday and things are going really great. Classes start Monday so I am definitely going to be busy next week!
Also, I wanted to mention to everyone that my cell phone service doesn't work good up here at all, so I am shopping around for new service. If any tries to get a hold of me leave a voicemail, hopefully I will get that, or email me at jacob.adkisson@mavs.uta.edu.

Enough for now

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Settled In!

Yes I know! I have not posted much in the last month but things have been pretty busy! I am officially moved and pretty much settled in at the apartment. I start training for The Shorthorn, the student newspaper at UTA Monday and truly looking forward to it! I will be a staff photographer and hopefully next semester move my way up to Photo Editor! Also I finally got a job with a really good sports/events photography company, TSS Photography. I am actually will be starting out as an assistant to the photographer for a while and then move my way up to a photographer. They are a pretty large national known company. The owner of the branch that I will be working for seems to be a really nice guy and down to earth! I wont actually start work until September. School starts on the 25th of this month and I am not sure yet if I am ready or not, but I guess since I have paid tuition, I don't have much choice! I have a few more basics to get out of the way so I am not taking a single photography or journalism class this semester!!! Which will be good because I will get them out of the way and have the good stuff to look forward to! I am majoring in Visual Journalism (photojournalism) and minoring in Public Relations. I haven't been photographing a lot lately but will be picking up the camera soon again! I am coming home this weekend for my great-grandfathers birthday cookout at my dads house. So there will be definitely pictures from that!!! Well, I promise I will start keeping this up better now that I am settled and will be getting out and doing more!