Monday, September 22, 2008

Rocky Horror Picture Show

So Friday night, I took an assignment for the Shorthorn to cover the Rocky Horror Picture Show movie that EXCEL was hosting on campus. Well it was not just a normal showing of this movie, and if you have seen it you will probably get the images but if you have never seen it then I would recommend watching, even though I'm sure that you probably wont like it. So I get to the theater and was instantly greeted by Transies, transvestites along with Frank - N - Furter and Janet. Students began to show up, some of whom had dressed up for the costume contest and some just to come see the show. The first hour or so I was there the Shadow-cast members from Los Bastardos dance and greeted the crowd and pulled students up on stage to dance. Each student was given a survival guide and a prop pack. In the prop pack included a water gun, rubber glove, roll of tolilet paper, piece of toast, newspaper, noisemaker, party hat, several playing cards. All these items where to be used by students during scenes of the movie to have interaction for the crowds. Well I will have to say that I enjoyed the little part of the show before having to leave early (had to be at work at 6:30am) and it was still going on at midnight! So if you are ever looking for a once in a life time experience and are in Ft. Worth you should check out Ridgmar Movie Tavern and watch Los Bastardos - DFW's premier Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadowcast live. They perform every Saturday night at midnight. If you are interested in more details check out their website at Enjoy the images!

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