Sunday, October 12, 2008

Blake and Fallon - White Elephant Saloon

Straight out of Austin, Texas, Blake and Fallon rocked the White Elephant Saloon Saturday night in Ft. Worth, Texas. Austin is home of the music capital of Texas and this talented band shows why. Out of all the artists that have emerged from Austin, Blake and Fallon really know how to put on a good show. This duo hit the stage with a great passion for music not just from their own music, but many other great artists. The famous saloon was filled with tapping boots, bobbing heads and table tapping. Blake and Fallon kept the people two-stepping all night from music from their album “Wasted Days” to covers from Stevie Nicks, to Rascal Flatts.
The band is created from diverse members that together create a unique blend of musical melody. The band is comprised of three members, guitar and vocalist Blake Powers, vocals and keyboard, Fallon Franklin, and drums, Joey Campbell.
Powers is an accomplished singer/songwriter winning numerous songwriter awards. Franklin who has appeared at the TV show America’s Got Talent and released her own album “Red Lights” in 2004 has a distinctive voice much like Sheryl Crow and Stevie Nicks. Campbell influenced by Jeremy Taggart, Gene Krupa and many others adds soulful rhythm to the show.
Check out their website to hear their songs and check their tour date for a show near you, you will not be disappointed.

Blake Powers singing and playing guitar Saturday night
at the White Elephant Saloon at The Stockyards

Fallon Franklin sings Saturday night at the
White Elephant Saloon at the Stockyards

Fallon Franklin plays the keyboard during the
show on Saturday night at the
White Elephant Saloon

Blake and Fallon performing at the White
Elephant Saloon at The Stockyards

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