Monday, October 20, 2008

Melissa Lawson and Family

Monday I was sent out on assignment to photograph Melissa Lawson with her family at their home. In case you don't recognize Melissa, she is the winner of television show Nashville Star. She currently has a song playing on the records titled "What If It All Goes Right." Monday I spent an hour and half with the singer in her home with the family. While at the home, I felt as though I was a fly on the wall while they sit and watch Star Wars. The family truly made me feel at home in their 'personal' space as I look around looking for creative positions to photograph the family. After spending time inside, we adventured out for the evening walk. After the evening walk, it was time to begin preparing dinner for the family, which ended my time with the family.

Zaden, left, Rick, Xander, Melissa,
Ryker, Maverick and Harlon in their home

After the formal portrait the family began tickeling each other

Melissa plays a little number with Ryker and
Maverick by her side

Melissa Lawson playing a song while in her livingroom

Melissa looks as Ryker trys to play a little number on the guitar

The Lawson's during their evening walk in their neighborhood

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