Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Settled In!

Yes I know! I have not posted much in the last month but things have been pretty busy! I am officially moved and pretty much settled in at the apartment. I start training for The Shorthorn, the student newspaper at UTA Monday and truly looking forward to it! I will be a staff photographer and hopefully next semester move my way up to Photo Editor! Also I finally got a job with a really good sports/events photography company, TSS Photography. I am actually will be starting out as an assistant to the photographer for a while and then move my way up to a photographer. They are a pretty large national known company. The owner of the branch that I will be working for seems to be a really nice guy and down to earth! I wont actually start work until September. School starts on the 25th of this month and I am not sure yet if I am ready or not, but I guess since I have paid tuition, I don't have much choice! I have a few more basics to get out of the way so I am not taking a single photography or journalism class this semester!!! Which will be good because I will get them out of the way and have the good stuff to look forward to! I am majoring in Visual Journalism (photojournalism) and minoring in Public Relations. I haven't been photographing a lot lately but will be picking up the camera soon again! I am coming home this weekend for my great-grandfathers birthday cookout at my dads house. So there will be definitely pictures from that!!! Well, I promise I will start keeping this up better now that I am settled and will be getting out and doing more!

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