Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Issue of The Shorthorn

Well, I have began work as a photographer for The Shorthorn. I had my first assignment on Monday, which was published in The Back to School Issue of the Shorthorn. Everyone can check out each issue of The Shorthorn at When you get to the website, on the top is different pages you will want to go to extras and down to PDF's and Current Semester. Just look for the current issue and check it out. I am really looking forward to working on the paper. I have been in training since Monday and things are going really great. Classes start Monday so I am definitely going to be busy next week!
Also, I wanted to mention to everyone that my cell phone service doesn't work good up here at all, so I am shopping around for new service. If any tries to get a hold of me leave a voicemail, hopefully I will get that, or email me at

Enough for now

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