Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fire at the Governor's Mansion

So I was doing my nightly reading of the news at work when I came across the photo gallery in the Longview News Journal of the Governor's Mansion fire that happened on Sunday morning about 1:45 a.m. Up until this point I had NO idea of this happening. You should go online to either the Longview News Journal or The Austin American Statesman at statesman.com and look at the photographs. At this point they think that the fire was intentional, but they say the investigation is still underway. 25 years ago almost the same thing happened at the Capitol. The fire took over eight and a half hours to be put out. The mansion was unoccupied by the governor Rick Perry and family due to the renovations being done to the mansion. They are still waiting to figure out if the structure of the building is okay to just renovate it or will they have to destroy the mansion. I am hoping they will just renovate the 125 year old mansion, which is the fourth oldest governors mansion in the US.

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