Saturday, May 10, 2008


WOW! I am finally finished with Kilgore College! I am still unsure though if I am glad to be done, or sad that I am leaving all the great people that I have really gotten to know over the last three years! Yes, I did spend three years at Kilgore working on an Associate of Applied Science! The reason for spending so much time, was that I picked up A LOT of business classes and journalism classes that were not needed for my Associates at Kilgore, but I wanted to take them at Kilgore because, well, Kilgore is really great and the instructors there really take their time with you! Which brings me up to my next point.
I started Kilgore College on August 24, 2005 almost on a bad foot! The week before I started my college career I was hospitalized with Meningitis and spent a week in Good Shephered Medical Center. Man that was a week that I hope I never have to spend again! I was released from the hospital on a Friday meaning that I had only TWO days to recover at home before I started another mile stone in my life! Monday morning rolls around and I find myself looking for my first 8 a.m. class. So I am wandering down some hallways looking for the classroom and CAN NOT find the room anywhere! I finally found someone else walking down the hallway and just ask them, not knowing who I was asking at the time! So the man points me in the right direction and so I am off to find this classroom. I enter the classroom, the second person there! I remember just sitting in that desk so nervous not knowing where this class was going to take me.
After about 10 or 15 minutes the classroom begins to fill up until finally the instructor walks in which just happened to turn out to be the same man that showed me in the right direction to HIS classroom. The man introduces himself as O. Rufus Lovett, but in instructed us to call him Rufus. He welcomes us to Introduction to Photography, also know as Photo I.
I remember that first day of class so clearly because the man that pointed me in the right direction didn't stop just on that day. That man, O. Rufus Lovett, known to his students as Rufus, but known to me as mentor and close friend has helped me find who I am. I honestly don't know if I would be where I am now if it were not for him! Thank you Rufus.
Rufus, is not the only true friend that I have come to know while at KC. There have been a number of people that have helped me through the days that I never thought I could make it. I want to say thank you to everyone that helped me when I needed someone. I couldn't have done it with out everyone.
I also want to thank my family for supporting me through this three year journey through KC. I could have NEVER done it without them!

Nicholas (brother), me, Ethan (brother) and Heather (sister)

Phil (stepdad), Jackie (mom), me, Tricia (stepmom) Dennis (dad)

G-Ma (my grandmother) and Me

That is all for me tonight! It has been a wonderful day!

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