Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Off Road Adventure

So last night at about 8:40 pm, after the storm had pretty much stopped we noticed that a wrecker service truck was sitting out front of our house. So we decide to go look outside and see whats going on. That's when we notice that there are headlights and flashers off in this empty wooded lot! So I quickly run and put some shoes on and grab my police/fire scanner and head over to the empty lot where I asked the wrecker guy whats going on. He just kinda chuckled and said "he's delivery some food." I just turned to him and laughed. This guy (Oriental) was apparently delivery some dinner to The Pepper's House and instead of taking their driveway, he drove off into this empty lot in his Honda CR-V!

So now let me tell you about this empty lot. From our road, there is a pretty good size drop off that is now full of water due to the excessive rain that just came through. After the drop off, you have to drive over fallen tree branches, and then the next BIG obstacle which is the HUGE mound of dirt. OK, first does he not have headlights? So after moving through these obstacles, he clears the huge dirt mound and off to the next obstacle which is a tree that's root has come up out of the ground and erosion has take place around it and that's where he has decided to call it quits when he discovers that he is stuck!
The wrecker guy said that there was nothing that he could do because of the rain, the huge mound of dirt, and he doesn't have enought cable to pull him out! Well this is all for now, I will keep you posted how when and how he gets he Off Road Delivery Machine out!

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