Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Off Road Adventure Update!

So after posting my blog the Longview Police Department showed up and they decided to contact Duncan's Wrecker Service to come pull the Honda out of the woods. So mean while, our neighbor gets a "great" idea to go get his two wheel drive truck and come and try to pull the Honda out of the woods.
He begins backing up his truck into the woods and up the huge mound of dirt and hes not getting very far at all, but just like a "redneck" he keeps trying! Well the next thing you know he sticks his truck! But just not in the mud, but up against a tree. So yes, we now had two vehicles stuck in this vacant lot! Mean while the "redneck" starts pulling out chains and tow straps. About 10 minutes later, a crew cab work truck pulls up and backs down to the straps and chains hooking on! With a little tug and a little jerk, the stuck truck gets pulled out of the woods. And then we see the damage from the tree, missing tail light, two huge dents in the side of his truck from where he slid into the tree.
The "redneck" begins to put up his chains and tow straps and floor boards it to his house where he hides his pride from the now audience.
After about 15 mintues Robbie Duncan shows for the rescue! Two mintues pass by and the Honda is securly hooked to the tow trucks cable and begins emergining out from the woods. So at 10:20 p.m. the Honda was rescuded from the Off Road Food Delivery Adventure!

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